SEPA's Working Groups' Collaborative Workspace

Welcome to Groups! The home for SEPA’s Working Groups and Collaboration.

SEPA's Working Groups are a high-impact, interactive member benefit and the Groups platform is where they get things done. Our Working Group communities cover a diverse range of topics including energy storage, solar asset management, electric vehicles, grid architecture, and more. Check out our full list of Working Groups.

Working Groups draw professionals from all stages of the electricity value chain and all professional levels. These groups are a great resource for crowdsourcing solutions to your work challenges and collaborating on ideas and content.

A Member Benefit You Will Love.

Access to SEPA Working Groups is benefit of SEPA Membership that will pay dividends for your employees and business. SEPA membership covers everyone at your organization and annual dues are calculated based on annual revenue. Once you join, new members can jump into the Working Groups of their choice and exchange ideas with their peers, get answers that help them conquer their professional challenges, and build a strong network of contacts.

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