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How to Join a SEPA Working Group

SEPA brings together multi-stakeholder members in Working Groups to focus on industry-related topics of strategic importance. They are open to all SEPA members* and are designed to provide them with an active and collaborative role in results-focused work with the goal to forward specific technologies and their relation to the evolving, electric-power sector.

  • Benefits of SEPA Membership: The opportunity to accelerate grid modernization through the development of clear solutions to today’s challenges in the Smart Grid is a benefit of SEPA Membership. Working Groups afford value to our members through facilitated investigation, research and discussion of a specific technology or industry trend.
  • Participate:  Members are expected to have the time, interest, and commitment to participate in and support the production of these initiatives, activities, and deliverables, as identified by members and SEPA’s Technical Advisory Committee.
  • Find a Group of Interest: There are a number of ways to get engaged and a broad spectrum of Working Group opportunities to meet your needs. Working Groups typically meet on a monthly basis and are established with an ongoing, long-term focus, whereas Task Forces convene for short or limited periods of time to work on specific tasks. A full list of Working Group opportunities is outlined below.
              *Unless specifically stated otherwise


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