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Groups Focus
Members Coming Together to Solve Today's Carbon-Free Transformation Challenges.
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Customer Programs
Focuses on innovative clean-energy programs that expand customer choice and help utilities and customers reduce carbon emissions. These include community solar, 24/7 carbon-free energy, subscription and leasing programs, behind-the-meter DER programs, and demand-response programs. 
Cyber-Physical Resiliency Task Force
Develops a collection of vetted tools, software, reports, & videos that exemplify cyber-physical resiliency techniques & design principles addressing new Smart Grid risks associated.
Pinpoint gaps / challenges ensuring security of data & connected hardware by developing implementation strategies, grid operators & manufacturers’ standards for SEPA’s Catalog of Standards adoption, creates utilities’ & regulators’ CS policy reference material.
Electric Grid Ontology Task Force
Building a common set of grid-related architectural/business elements & defining relationships for accurate usage, perception, interpretation & consistent modeling across projects & organizations.

Electric Vehicle
Focuses on utilities’ role in deployment of EVs, smart charging infrastructure trends, business models, & strategies. Tracks & examines opportunities in all vehicle classes, fleet vehicles, & corresponding charging infrastructure.
EV Subcommittee Distribution Planning
Identifies gaps in distribution planning related to EVs, helps provide level-setting among participants & distribution system planners. Discusses key EV distribution planning stakeholders’ challenges.
EV Subcommittee Fleet Electrification
Topics include Electrification 101 for fleet managers, electric school buses, fleet electrification infrastructure, & best practices for deploying & operating electric fleet vehicles.
EV Subcommittee Managed Charging/V2G
Topics on Managed Charging & V2G. Group collects & shares materials related to managed charging procurement with members & broader industry.

Energy Services Interface (ESI) Task Force
Collects use cases to identify common actors, services, architecture, focusing on the connection and information communicated from the grid entity to the customer DERs. It develops standards profiles for ESI use cases - including exploring hierarchies of ESIs extending into a building or microgrid.
Energy Storage
Experienced utilities & industry solution providers explore energy storage to identify challenges & disseminate best practices.
Grid Architecture
Provides electric sector, thought leadership in discipline of grid architecture & related-field of IT enterprise architecture. Solid grid architecture mitigates uncertainties & risk, resulting in a flexible & adaptable grid.
Interoperability Profile Task Force
Develops effective, standards-based interoperability profiles and application guides for high-priority interfaces & communication pathways by documenting technical features & requirements of high-profile, stakeholder-selected use cases.

Seeks to identify new business models, explore regulatory & financial innovations, address standards gaps, define use cases driving new system requirements; share experiences & best practices to help the energy industry stakeholders.
Microgrids Regulatory Task Force
Role of regulator around microgrids in their areas - handling operator as well as utility. Second part focused on Tariffs, third-parties/utilities.
Reference Interoperability Procurement Language Task Force
Develop reference library model procurement language that establishes metrics to assess vendor offerings interoperability within larger system & enables utilities’ procurement process.
Testing & Certification
Develops & facilitates testing & certification frameworks for smart grid standards, educating industry of testing value & sharing best practices.

Transactive Energy
Develops tools & techniques advancing understanding & application of TE concepts to enable high penetrations of DERs supported by intelligent economic market structures, standards, & regulations.