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Explore SEPA's Working Groups.
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Community Solar
Discusses shared renewables model & growing challenges of evolving model. Members identify most pressing issues needing resolution such as designing a TOU compensation structure; consistent program design needs, & energy service subscriber leverage.
Cyber-Physical Resiliency Task Force
Develops a collection of vetted tools, software, reports, & videos that exemplify cyber-physical resiliency techniques & design principles addressing new Smart Grid risks associated.
Pinpoint gaps / challenges ensuring security of data & connected hardware by developing implementation strategies, grid operators & manufacturers’ standards for SEPA’s Catalog of Standards adoption, creates utilities’ & regulators’ CS policy reference material.
Electric Grid Ontology Task Force
Building a common set of grid-related architectural/business elements & defining relationships for accurate usage, perception, interpretation & consistent modeling across projects & organizations.

Electric Vehicle
Focuses on utilities’ role in deployment of EVs, smart charging infrastructure trends, business models, & strategies. Tracks & examines opportunities in all vehicle classes, fleet vehicles, & corresponding charging infrastructure.
EV Subcommittee Distribution Planning
Identifies gaps in distribution planning related to EVs, helps provide level-setting among participants & distribution system planners. Discusses key EV distribution planning stakeholders’ challenges.
EV Subcommittee Fleet Electrification
Topics include Electrification 101 for fleet managers, electric school buses, fleet electrification infrastructure, & best practices for deploying & operating electric fleet vehicles.
EV Subcommittee Managed Charging/V2G
Topics on Managed Charging & V2G. Group collects & shares materials related to managed charging procurement with members & broader industry.

Energy Storage
Experienced utilities & industry solution providers explore energy storage to identify challenges & disseminate best practices.
Grid Architecture
Provides electric sector, thought leadership in discipline of grid architecture & related-field of IT enterprise architecture. Solid grid architecture mitigates uncertainties & risk, resulting in a flexible & adaptable grid.
Interoperability Profile Task Force
Develops effective, standards-based interoperability profiles and application guides for high-priority interfaces & communication pathways by documenting technical features & requirements of high-profile, stakeholder-selected use cases.
Seeks to identify new business models, explore regulatory & financial innovations, address standards gaps, define use cases driving new system requirements; share experiences & best practices to help the energy industry stakeholders.

Microgrids Regulatory Task Force
Role of regulator around microgrids in their areas - handling operator as well as utility. Second part focused on Tariffs, third-parties/utilities.
Reference Interoperability Procurement Language Task Force
Develop reference library model procurement language that establishes metrics to assess vendor offerings interoperability within larger system & enables utilities’ procurement process.
Testing & Certification
Develops & facilitates testing & certification frameworks for smart grid standards, educating industry of testing value & sharing best practices.
Transactive Energy
Develops tools & techniques advancing understanding & application of TE concepts to enable high penetrations of DERs supported by intelligent economic market structures, standards, & regulations.