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The Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) is delighted to offer learning opportunities and educational offerings of relevance to our members and professionals. You work in a high-stakes industry that’s changing quickly towards carbon-free technology. The uncertainties and complexities are why you need a trusted resource.

Since 1992, SEPA has led electric stakeholders to solutions and strategies for their unique clean and modern energy challenges. This is why we’re offering virtual, technology courses and resources you need to move forward. We invite you to discover opportunities and pathways to refresh your skills, explore and understand industry challenges, trends and solutions to advance your technical knowledge and professional capabilities.

Online Learning courses are open to anyone – you need not be a member of SEPA to register. You will, however, need an account to register and attend a course. Additional details will be provided once you have registered.

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Introduction to DERs

Event Overview

The DER fundamentals course delivers three days of targeted, engaging education facilitated by Peter Kelly-Detwiler. Each segment of the course will take 2 ½  - 3 hours and there will be time for questions and discussion.

About the Course
Don’t miss this opportunity to gain understanding of distributed energy resources focusing on: the technologies; how they function in the marketplace; why DERs are increasingly important; and the regulatory framework that governs their behavior and compensation. SEPA is hosting a 3-part course facilitated by Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Principal, Northbridge Energy.  The program is divided into 3 chapters: “Making the case for DERs”, “Identifying and Qualifying the Resources”, and “Resource Planning and Optimization”. Peter’s extensive experience working in utilities and makes him the ideal candidate to share this knowledge.

You may participate live with an opportunity for discussion and to ask questions, or purchase the on-demand option which will be available following completion of the series. You can purchase the course à la carte or as a package. Seats are limited to 50 participants for the live course. Register now.

About the Instructor

Peter Kelly-Detwiler

Peter Kelly-Detwiler has 30 years of experience in the electric energy arena, with much of his career in various areas of competitive power markets.  He’s a former SVP at Constellation Energy, having run their Demand Response Group.  He’s currently a strategist and communicator in the electric industry, focused on the rapid pace of transformation to a sustainable energy economy.  Peter has written over 300 pieces on the topic for and other publications.  He offers numerous keynotes and workshops on a wide range of topics from offshore wind to batteries to the drivers of technological change.  He provides strategic advice to clients and investors, helping them to navigate this transitional period. 

He is currently writing a book on the transformation of electric power markets, called “The Energy Switch,” to be published by Prometheus Books in the Spring of 2021.