SEPA Standards Evaluation Group Review: CoS Candidate Standard IEEE 1547.1-2020 (06.18.2021)

When:  Jun 18, 2021 from 01:00 PM to 02:30 PM (ET)

Dear Working Group Members:

Thank you all for allowing the time to discuss the three candidate standards during your recent monthly meeting. We mentioned we will have follow-up sessions for the SEPA Standards Evaluation Group to come together and discuss our comments/feedback for the individual candidate standards. 

We are looking forward to the group discussions that will run through the next few weeks.  A couple of items to prepare your group for the discussion are as follow:

  • Please RSVP via the links below for each session that will take place at the following times.
  • These sessions are intended for discussions across the SEPA membership and multiple working groups. In doing so we encourage open dialogues throughout the discussion and hope you would share your feedback with participants in other disciplines.
  • We will be asking that participants review the documents associated with the candidate prior to its discussion. The link for the documents has been previously provided in multiple ways.*   
  • If after reviewing documents, you have feedback to raise to the group, we ask that you please submit the feedback in writing at least 2 days ahead of time (June 16) to  

* For this event, you will find 3 documents pertaining to IEEE 1547.1 in the original discussion post and in your group's Library. The discussion will focus on collecting feedback on the candidate standard, especially for information documented on the Standard Information Form (SIF), and any other additional comment or consideration that might influence SEPA’s final decision on whether to include the candidate into Catalog of Standard.  

Please RSVP for this event and review the candidate's document. We are looking forward to seeing you all there! 



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